Mixtapes > Parity Party!

Of the 33 tracks on this mix, 22 were made by women. If you are a DJ, curator or programmer, consider who's work you present and what that represents.

Parity Party!
90min 45sec
June 2018


Tarcar – Loathing And Fear In December
Lee Noble – Mugwort, Vervain, Larkspur
Model 86 – What You Gone Dø?
The Newcomer – Marrrd E
Inga Copeland & Dean Blunt – 5
Lucretia Salt – Altra
Sister Nancy – I Am A Geddion
Yves Tumor – Psalm
Matchess – Awdo
Yves Tumor – Africa Ashes
ZULI – Trigger Finger
How to Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2
Laurel Halo – Nicht Ohne Risiko
Elysia Crampton – Oscollo
JLin – Kyanite
Julianna Barwick – See, Know
Onyx Collective – Snake Charmer
Sugai Ken – Biyo
Maria Minerva & LA Vampires – Supercool
Golden Teacher – Shatter (Version)
Smerz – Worth It
Inga Copeland – Advice To Young Girls
Anika – No One’s There
Klara Lewis – Msuic III
Actress & London Contemporary Orchestra – N.E.W.
Lapalux – Smoke Streams
Leila Bordreuil – No Name V
(patience interlude)
Lea Bertucci – Patterns For Alto
Aïsha Devi – Hyperlands
Tsembla – Phantom Limbs
Carmen Villain – The Moon Will Always Be There
Carla dal Forno – We Shouldn’t Have To Wait
Jenny Hval – The Dreamer Is Everyone In Her Dream